match skirt dress clean feeling. Hi warm and good

Two-color stitching, classic canvas fabric,  how to become taller City boy most loved style!
Authentic retro shoes, shoes flavor boost. Clean the skin of the toe design keeping up with fashion trends, strappy style with vintage British style.
With "King of health shoes," said BirkenstoCK was founded in 1774, is a world-renowned Germany native slipper brand, has a shoe-making history of more than 200 years from now. BirkenstoCK new this season put a lot of fashion elements, Dress shoes always adhering to its usual style of shoes--a healthy and comfortable, is designed to make the wearer good foot experience all the time.
Washed leather for lightweight men's casual shoe, match is super cool, personalized, casual, relaxed.
Light pink, classic styling, suitable for winter sports wear, sports can match skirt dress, clean feeling. Hi warm and good, have noticed the bandage didn't wear buckles are all different colors, and a sense of design.

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