And this combination goes well with generally do not sew together

People of natural sex and biological sex property, makes its on leisure shoes of function needs first is it of practical, that leisure shoes first to meet people of foot Department comfortable walking of need, this on requirements make one taller shoes designer first to seriously research people of feet Department physiological structure, and human engineering, and lower limb physiological function and lower limb movement function research formed leisure shoes of various factors, as material, and structure structure, and process technology,. Casual shoes practicality including comfort, durability, and affordability.
Casual shoes material texture should be designed first of all to consider the material has excellent moisture resistance. According to the people is to seek peace, comfortable, leisurely and the purpose of life and State of mind, elegance design used to everyday casual shoe material texture coordinate, deep, soft, and follow the principles Lifting shoes of pop. Elegance everyday casual shoe without the gloss a strong metal-effect leather, varnished leather, Pearl leather uppers, and choose nubuck leather, suede, chamois leather or coated with some polishing, but not very bright upper material.
Everyday casual shoes fashion style structure designs usually refers to these shoes help parts of a novel and character combinations. And this combination goes well with generally do not sew together, casual shoes structure design model is sometimes also referred to as a new structure of foot shape, of course, the designers in this style of structure design changes, should also be considered in the production process.

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